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The Incredible Art of Decorating With Mirrors

Are you ready to level up your decorating skills with mirrors? With these valuable tips from David Neto, you will be a pro. The German singer Nico once said, “I’ll be your mirror,” in one of her songs of the time. While everything that the singer said wouldn’t be taken seriously. Nowadays, artists agree with her visions. Mirrors have the power to transmit reflection with just one look. This Spring, in Tribecca, David Lewis Gallery showcases John Boskovich’s mirror work. His work cast its user’s different scenarios. In one, we can see a viewer sports a crown of thorns. Elsewhere in New York, you can see the colorful mirror canvases by Carlito Carvalhosa. In Bitforms, Daniel Rozin, an artist-technologist, shows his futurist art with mirrors, imagining them in motorized format. Regardless of your taste, this is the moment for you to embrace the power of mirrors in your home. To start, you must remember that the mirror-bright up the natural daylight in the house. You can follow the example of David Netto, an interior designer pushing the limits of architecture. Near Kensington Palace, the designer installed a mirror in a ground-floor maisonette where it wasn’t allowed to use doors. Another mirror seems to put a fireplace hovering in space. Clients sometimes think that mirrors can bring too much glamour. Their minds turn to Halston’s over-the-top hall mirror in Olympic Tower’s showroom. The designer reminds people that Dorothy Draper displays them with ease. With ornate frames and the symmetry of the classic Georgian Interior. On the other hand, people with a more modernist taste might think of Richard Neutra’s display of the full mirror on the top floor of VDL House. Decorating With Mirrors Like Katherine Thewlis of Hausmatter Interiors, you can try making a mirror into a window. For example, in the renovation of the designer home, she placed a mirror over the sink to frame a view back to the room. In whatever you do, use the mirror to gatekeep your moments and guide them. The designer, David Netto, used a mirror to hide clumsy plumbing in a previous apartment. To conclude, Netto suggests the absence of a mirror. He states that “sometimes a mirror absence, rather than a presence, is noteworthy.” The bathroom in an Upper East Side townhouse designed by Lorenzo Mongiardino has full-height Greek plates on the wall. Source: Architectural Digest



Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean that you don’t have room for a stylish space. There are a lot of design hacks that will turn your small room into a comfortable and stylish space. To save your time, we wiil give you 5 useful tips that will help if you live or are thinking of moving into a small space. 1. LESS IS MORE The golden rule when decorating a small space is that less is more. Even if you have a small room, you don’t want to feel suffocated. Decorating a small room can be complicated because it can quickly look busier. Therefore, Henderson advises people to bring less furniture into the small space. In order to keep your small space clean, make sure that you organize your items and declutter sometimes. 2. THINK VERTICALLY The second tip is about thinking vertically. With more furniture on the floor, the room can feel clustered. Therefore, you should bring off the ground some pieces. Instead of a sofa with a solid base, you can use a sofa with legs. 3. MOVE TOWARDS MIRRORS Mirrors are perfect accessories to create the illusion of a bigger space. You can use a mirror to open up your small bathroom, entryway, etc. 4. MAKE EVERY PIECE COUNT To support the Less is More tip, Decorist designer Lauren Nelson advises people to be thoughtful when buying furniture. Choose pieces with multiple functions, saving up space in your home. 5. EMBRACE COLORS Using only white in your small space to give the illusion of a bigger place turns the room boring. Therefore incorporate in your small room different wallpapers and bold paint colors. Choose three materials/colors to decorate your home and start the renovation. Source: Design Milk


Designer Casey Kenyon may not be a well-known name, but it will be. Kenyon´s been working behind the scenes on the big projects AD has published. Nowadays, the designer is ready to conquer the world with his own business. Casey Kenson started getting into the design world right after college when he was Marc Jacobs’s assistant for six years. The designer loved the time that we worked with the famous fashion designer because of his knowledge. The designer represented the fashion guru when he bought a townhouse in Greenwich Village. Cases Kenson also worked alongside the designer Thad Hayes, John Gachot, and Paul Fortune. Once the house was done, Casey started working in Gachot Studios and then in Apparatus, where he was a design director. Two years went by, and the designer started his journey alone. INSIDE THE PALE PINK NEW YORK HOME Like many designers, Casey Kenyon’s most attractive project is his own house. A parlor-floor pink, pale apartment in Brooklyn, New York City. He lives there with his partner Jonathon Beck, and production designer. The apartment perfectly balances old-school New York residential finery and contemporary décor. It’s filled with color, patterns, texture, pedigree, and provenance furniture. Casey Kenyon painted the living room with Farrow & Ball´s Dead Salmon and Setting Plaster colors. It created a warm and welcoming environment for the combination of different furniture. Therefore elements like the club chairs, cocktails tables, an Oushak carpet, and a bespoke cabinet brought a vintage environment. The dining room is covered with a cocoon of panels upholstered in brown corduroy. It is a discreet way to the Apparatus chandelier, a marble table and chairs by Luigi Costa Dominioni for Azucena. The decoration continues to the bedroom, designed with shades of purple and burgundy. Additionally, with Karl Springer lamps, bedside tables by Paul Evans, and other iconic pieces. For the designer, a home needs to be a place to relax. When decorating, Casey likes to use color strategically. In the end, what counts is the little things like where you will put your side table or the tableware. Credits: Architectural Digest


If you are looking for the best cleaning products, you came to the right place. We selected the best products to keep your home super clean. 1- Clorox Disinfecting Bleach  Starting with the well-known cleaning products, bleach kills 99,9% of the germs in your house, including the coronavirus. This product is the most potent. That is why it is used in every place such as hospitals, restaurants, etc.  2- Reusable Cleaning Gloves If you don’t like having your hands wrinkle or if you are going to use powerful cleaning products like bleach, you should wear gloves. Enjoy and use it for other things such as washing the dishes, gardening, and other house chores. 3- Clorox Scentiva Wipes Bleach Free Cleaning Wipes If you are in a rush or need to clean a small surface, these cleaning wipes are perfect. This is like liquid bleach, with the same benefits but without any actual bleach. It can help take everything from lime soap to grease. 4- Disinfectant Spray  There is another crucial product when it comes to house cleaning. This spray kills 99,9% of the germs, and you can use it all-around your house. 5- Mr. Clean Extra Durable Magic Eraser Pads Moving Forward, these magic erased pads can do any cleaning task around your house. Such as removing scuff marks, polishing outdoor furniture, and removing makeup stains. 6- Barkeeper Friend Powdered Cleanser  Bar Keepers is perfect for taking any stain on stainless steel surfaces. You can use it on other surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, and fiberglass. 7- Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel You should hurry up and get this cleaning product if you have never used it. It takes any type of stickiness, gooey or gummy stains. Additionally, wet paint, glue, oils, and grease stains. The better part is that it leaves a great smell behind. 8- Hefty Ultra Strong Lavender Scented Kitchen Trash Bags  When It comes to the trash, we always think about the bad smell that comes from it. Thanks to their fantastic smell, these trash bags will make you take out the garbage more.  9- Method Squirt +Mop Almond Wood Floor Cleaner This non-toxic, plant-based floor cleaning product is convenient when cleaning the house. It dries quickly, and you don’t need to rinse. 10- Nature´s Miracle Urine Destroyer  Perfect for people with pets. We all know that sometimes, even with training, our pets can pee inside our house. This cleaning product takes all pet stains and can be used on hard floors, carpets, fabrics, etc.  As well, discourage your animal from peeing in the same place. 11- Drano Dual Force Foamer Clog Remover  If you are doing a deep cleaning day or have clogged toilets or drains, this product gets the job done. 12- Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets with Bleach  This cleaning product is perfect for constant cleaning. With every flush, it realizes a little bit of bleach. Between different cleaning sessions, you can pop one in the toilet tank. You should change them out every two or three months. 13- Arm & Hammer Baking Soda  Baking Soda is an excellent double-duty cleaner. This product can do everything possible. You can use it to remove rust stains, clean a mattress, wipe down kitchen countertops, do deep cleaning, etc. If you leave it in your freezer or fridge, it can absorb any smell. 14- Lucy´s Family-Owned Natural Distilled White Vinegar Vinegar is a multi-function product. You can use it combined with water as a glass or surface cleaner. Also, vinegar with baking soda makes a good disinfect product to clean your toilet. 15- Hydrogen Peroxide  Finishing our list of the best cleaning products is hydrogen peroxide. Besides using the product on wounds, you can make your windows sparkle. It only takes a spray bottle divided into three parts where one part is hydrogen peroxide and the other two water.  Credits: Architectural Digest


Due to the pandemic, 2021 was an uphill battle full of uncertainty. People spend most of their time at home working or taking care of their families. Till this year some people preferred to work from home. Thanks to that, people are dedicating more time to renovating their homes. Continue to read to see the renovation trends for 2022. Home Office Jean Brownhill, the founder of Sweeten, states that in 2022, there will be an increase in home offices. Homeowners are switching kitchen counters for more professional spaces. The remote tiredness is real, but so is the background of your home environment. You can convert sitting rooms, small family spaces, guest rooms into a home office. Enhanced outdoor spaces and features In 2022, we are bringing the indoor out for some time. We are seeing more outdoor living rooms that look like indoor spaces. Outdoor areas continue to be the space where people spend most of their time. In the last years, there have been a lot of advances in outdoor materials. Manufacturers now use durable outdoor sofas, tables, rugs, chairs, and décor. Mitchel Parker, senior editor at Houzz, search data show that people want their backyard to be a relaxing extension of their interior areas. Texture All Around The texture is the biggest renovation trend that David Steckel, a Thumbtack home expert, sees for 2022. Leave in 2021 the flat finish walls and welcome the surfaces that you will want to put your hands all over. Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla, states that the clients are getting tired of basic paints. They are looking for dimension and visual interest. Devin Shaffer continues to say that in 2022, new lines of 3d wall panels are popping out, which designers love the modern and contemporary projects. Technology from start to finish The interior design in 2022 will make significant technology advancements. Before Covid, the digital interior designer was already on the rise. Companies such as DecorMatters are implementing artificial intelligence to automatically suggest products for their clients. We expect more home decor apps and design firms to implement more technical at their workplace. Going Bold Another renovation trend for this year is wallpapers. Current trends showed homeowners using wallpaper with bold patterns in the room Where they want to bring color and texture. Homeowners prefer it because it is easy to install or swap out. Also, wallpaper lets people express their personalities. Side Hustle Spaces Gemma Ribberti says that in 2022 side hustle rooms will see a rise. Thanks to the entrepreneurial mindset, especially Gen Z and Millennials. They create everything possible, transforming our homes into flexible layers of activity. Being green and figuratively Due to the pandemic, people realized health, the environment, and being less materialistic. With that said, reusing furniture buying biological or recycled materials will be a renovation trend for 2022. Natural materials like wood and clay will pair perfectly with any style or other material. Connecting with nature For years, people have been requesting more natural light in their homes. Homeowners are increasing the natural light of their houses and connecting with nature. This renovation trend will continue in 2022. They added doors that were windows and large windows to connect to the outside. Also, homeowners are replacing traditional backyards doors with large scenic ones. Durable surfaces Property owners are expecting, in 2022, more excellent performance from their surfaces. Most homeowners spend a lot of time at home cleaning their countertops. Homeowners are getting more knowledge on the maintenance required for countertops. Since then, the demand for solid acrylic surfaces has been increasing. They are seamless and offer durability with no additional care. Credits: Architectural Digest


If you are running a big company or starting now, using design programs will help you grow your business. The right program will help you generate good results. When it comes to finding the best software, each software has its specialization. Some platforms are meant for a big or small company. 1- Autodesk AutoCAD LT Autodesk AutoCAD LT is one of the most popular design programs. This software lets professionals design, draft, and draw 2D geometry. It’s used by decorators, architects, engineers, and more. This is a top designer selection because of its rich editing and annotation capabilities and easy-to-use user interface. You may work on sketches online from practically any computer using an integrated AutoCAD web application with a simple interface and no program installation required. Users may view, edit, annotate and create drawings on their smartphone or tablet at any time. Even when there’s no internet. You may also circulate a project with the rest of your team or provide comments without mistakenly modifying an existing drawing owing to its share and trace options. AutoCAD LT is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and the latest version adds cloud connectivity, improved measuring features, and quicker performance. AutoCAD LT comes with a free trial and a $55 monthly charge. 2- SketchUp Pro Design pros will discover fast, simple 3D modeling for everything from passive structures to modern furniture using SketchUp Pro’s modeling package. Create accurate scaled designs in 2D, then customize the styles and materials to bring your idea to life. Because these design programs work with virtual reality systems like Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, and Oculus, you can practically walk your clients through a project in progress. SketchUp has a web tool and limitless cloud storage in addition to its traditional desktop interface, allowing you to store, collaborate effortlessly, and share your work. This software also allows the designer to measure building data and examine anticipated energy use and other elements. Therefore, you can precisely calculate the performance and the hit post-occupancy goals. Once you complete the task, the design program will create a report to keep all the stakeholders informed. SketchUp Pro costs 269$ annually, but if you don’t want to spend a lot, you have the free version. 3-TurboCAD TurboCAD’s most recent editions provide professional software for experienced 2D and 3D CAD users. The architectural design package includes mechanical design and modification capabilities, allowing users to accomplish everything from 3D printing prototypes to drafting furniture designs. TurboCAD promotes itself as a “powerful alternative” to AutoCAD LT. Realistic surface modeling and lighting allow users to produce spectacular presentations. It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Internal and external database connectivity, as well as file-sharing options ensure that your team can easily integrate and cooperate. 4-Autodesk 3ds Max Clients will see your suggested work in spectacular, high-tech detail thanks to Autodesk’s 3ds Max. The interior design program produces stunning graphics for 3D animations, models, games, and photographs. Create high-quality renderings using the toolsets, and fine-tune every interior and item to the last detail. When it comes to productivity, automated procedures may help you streamline deadlines and content creation. Users may examine precise and detailed previews while working with the integrated, interactive Arnold renderer. This program is only compatible with Windows operating systems and costs $215 per month. 5-Live Home 3D Pro Live Home 3D Pro is one of the design programs that allows you to create exact plans and furnish rooms—or a complete building—quickly and effectively. After you’ve created 2D blueprints, the program will automatically convert them to 3D. With the platform’s new split mode, you can compare your 2D and 3D models side by side. Advanced sketching tools, elevation views, a materials library with hundreds of furniture and appliances, and bespoke materials and lighting editors are also available in the desktop version (for Mac or Windows). Geopositioning and daylighting options aid with siting and lighting selections, and video walk-throughs may be made and exported as Ultra HD files at any time of day or night. Plan and video files may also be saved and shared in various file formats. Industry specialists on a budget may appreciate this introduction to interior design software that can handle more complexity, which costs $50 for the Mac or Windows-powered desktop application and includes a free interior design app with optional in-app purchases. 6- Archicad 25 Archicad, produced by Graphisoft, is one of the most popular choices in architectural rendering software. With comprehensive capabilities; a straightforward interface, and a BIM application that allows you to generate beautiful ideas. Users may swiftly move from 2D to 3D models, document zone-specific data, and benefit from the platform’s more exact cost projections in its most current version, Archicad 25. Users may freely work with other essential stakeholders owing to its Native Survey Point capabilities and interoperability with other systems like Revit and Solibri. Archicad is available for Mac and Windows operating systems, with full perpetual, term-based, and educational licenses. 7- Easyhome Homestyler Homestyler is the ideal room design programs if you need a simplified tool to shape your ideas. With this application, you can create floor layouts in 2D and 3D with correct measurements. Once you’ve mastered the basics, click over to the Homestyler library to add hundreds of genuine products to your depiction. You and your clients may now stroll through a photo-realistic panorama simulation created by Homestyler. Plus, you can design on the move with a complementary app (available for iOS and Android). Users may upgrade to a pro or master account for a monthly price of $5 or $10, respectively, while the primary platform is free. This might be the software for you if you’re starting in the interior design company and are on a tight bud 8- Infurnia Infurnia is a cloud-based design platform that allows people to collaborate and engage throughout the design process. Detailed floor plans with multilayered walls, sophisticated tiling and roofing, artificial ceilings, and customizable cabinet tools are all available to …

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Get to Know Tineke Trigg’s soulful interiors. Combining art with science, she made her name by creating one-of-a-kind homes that fit specific lifestyles and traits. Tineke views each project as a collaborative experience that mixes the client’s taste with her creativity. Her creativity comes from her passion and curiosity. Tineke’s inspiration comes from the designers who thought outside of the box. She is recognized for her passionate, creative, and inventive interiors. Trigg’s work creates distinct design mixology by integrating art and science. Her sophisticated interiors stimulate the senses and deliver on the details that make rooms genuinely unforgettable. Thanks to Tineke´s soulful interiors, she has been featured in many publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Veranda. When she´s not designing, Tineke does kickbox, spends time with family at the beach, and travels the coast with her Airstream. She lives in San Francisco, California, with her husband, Wiil, and their two teenage sons. The designer describes that her personal style arises from her love of unexpected designs. All projects are different but originated in creating elegant rooms that are lavish and cozy. Tineke designs her soulful interiors in a way that is personal to each homeowner. She believes that design inspiration comes from anywhere you look. Therefore, her inspiration comes from everything. For instance, travel, nature, architecture, old buildings, shape, fashion, and a horse saddle. TOP DESIGNER TINEKE TRIGGS SOULFUL INTERIORS Regarding social media, the designer manifests that it can be a great font of inspiration. She enjoys going through Pinterest and Instagram to find design inspirations. ​One of the best parts about social media is that it exposes you to new styles and products from all around the world. In the past, information was limited, but now social media brings a lot of vital information. It keeps people connected to what´s happening worldwide in design. As for decorative pieces, to make up the soulful interiors, the designer states she loves to select the lighting pieces. She considers that it is a statement piece that makes a room feel complete. Moreover, when asked about the next trend in the interior design world Tineke Triggs, states that colors are coming back. After being cooped up for a year, people are ready to add more color to their lives. They are also using more unique shapes and geometric elements in their designs. These patterns are evocative of the Memphis movement of the 1980s, but they are more livable and relevant. When it comes to her approach and philosophy after designing a room, Tineke gets to know the client first and then creates the soulful interior project. She approaches each project with new eyes, curiosity, and passion. To determine what home means to each client, how they will live there, and how they want to feel. She imagines in pictures following the early encounters, and design ideas will come to her head. To conclude, the designer’s design inspiration is Tommi Parzinger. She always praises his works and love for technique. Credits: Artemest


What can Oscar de la Rena, chef Andrew Carmellini, and hotel powerhouse The Four Seasons have in common? The three commissioned the New York design firm Meyer Davis to build custom-made modern rustic projects. Such as stores, restaurants, and estates. Will Meyer and Gray Davis joined forces in 1999. Since then, they have created a reputation for themselves. Thanks to their welcoming interiors, projects seem structured and relaxing at the same time. They use a variety of materials while retaining a clean, modern vibe. For instance, in a lake house at Copake, New York, the duo used raw wood walls and jute-wrapped pipes combined with modern furnishings idealizing a modern rustic décor. Furthermore, at the Bowery Meat Company, in Manhattan, the firm used comfortable velvet banquettes and stunning walnut-paneled walls to inflame the industrial aesthetic. These and other projects are included in the firm´s book Made to Measure, where we can see the modern rustic style that the firm stands by in its projects. Gray and Will used a lot of natural elements while constantly keeping the rooms looking clean. They discovered that having a polished, more structured contrast with the materials helps one to appreciate the other. In addition to recognizing the natural material´s attributes better. When it comes to the difference between decorating a private and public space, the duo expresses that they don´t differ. By not distinguishing between the two, the firm is free to concentrate on building significant environments that people can enjoy as a home or a hotel. HOW TO CREATE A MODERN RUSTIC ROOM They center a story on a central concept to start a modern rustic project. Then, the duo blends specific aspects with subtle references and elements to build a narrative. As regards the material, the firm seeks an assemblage of components that correspond to the modern rustic project. They frequently use wood in their projects. Nevertheless, in the end, it is about designing a balanced room where components connect. Credits: Architectural Digest

Decor Cushions Top List for a Modern Luxurious Home

Decor Cushions that will instantly refresh your sofa or your bedroom. From velvet to flowers pattern, get to know the most stylish ones. Because we can assure you that they will make a difference! Take a look! There are multiple cushion styles that fit in the bedroom, but they also fit in the living room, can instantly change your room’s atmosphere. For Living Room… Oftentimes, design lovers drop in to one of two schools of thought: Piles on the pillows or minister your collection. Furthermore, a few appreciate testing with textures, whereas others like to infuse a pop of striking colors. For Bedroom… There’s something so fulfilling around climbing into a flawlessly made bed after a long day. When the pillows are as of now cushioned and the sheets are impeccably tucked, the basic act of getting to rest feels luxurious. Cushion Lovers Decor Cushions have the power to change a room, so if there is any cushion here that made you fall in love, it is time to be yours!


The popular contemporary organic interior design style combines modern interior design’s clean lines with organic shapes and textures. Modern Organic Interior design combines the clean lines of contemporary interior design style with natural materials, textures, and colors. Because of its sharp lines and soft textures, organic interiors are generally seen as uninspiring.  The raw material’s authenticity as well as the elegance of their natural textures, resulting in a seamless elegance.When mixed with midcentury modern or contemporary design. The contemporary organic style incorporates elements of minimalism, midcentury modernism, and boho chic. Nature-inspired forms, organic textures, and rustic materials coexist with clean minimalism and crisp lines. The modern organic decor is warm, inviting, soulful, and beautiful thanks to the use of natural textures and shapes. HOW TO DESIGN A MODERN ORGANIC INTERIOR? This style looks stunning in any division of the house. Thanks to its airy and curated elements, but it also looks good due to how it feels. If you want to decorate any room in your house with modern organic style, discover key tips to master the style. 1- LESS IS MORE This effortlessly home design, contemporary organic prioritizes quality over quantity. The current organic virtues of lightness make a space a modern organic design. Includes sharp lines, neutral hues, natural textures, concealed storage, and curated and dispersed homeware. 2- NEUTRAL COLORS In order to create a modern organic room, you should use a neutral color scheme. Image the room as a blank canvas. White-painted walls may encourage you to be more creative. 3-NATURAL FINISHINGS Material such as wood-covered ceilings, limewash wall, and stone flooring are some of the natural finishings that brings out organic style. These materials add layers and a burst of earthy hues and organic textures to organic interior rooms. 4-ORGANIC SHAPES Organic forms can transform any room. Organic forms, on the other hand, make or ruin modern organic interiors. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of modern interior design is its crisp lines. As a result, a circular sofa, an uneven rug, or a brutalist coffee table might completely transform the room’s appearance. 5-RAW MATERIALS Materials like Linen, silk, cotton, rattan, bamboo, travertine, marble, walnut, wenge make gorgeous, ageless furniture pieces and home items. The values of raw resources are undervalued. For instance, a plain wood stump in its natural form has a strong impression. But it also tells a tale that a polished coffee or side table would be harder to relate. Credits: Hommés Studio

Tabletop Decor Trends 2022/2023 – Ceramic Figurines Design

Tabletop decor trends for 2022/2023 will reveal the most exquisite and modern ceramic figurines design to complete your home decoration. Believes when we say that they can match any style and can be in any room. CERAMIC DECORATION Tabletop decor trends 2022/2023 will help you complete the decor of your home with sophistication and class. We have chosen the best ceramic design for you. Take a look! No matter the home, no matter the room, once it has a sculpture, it will become a statement. Ceramic tabletop decoration doesn’t get out of style, on the contrary, it will make your home a modern place where your family and friends want to be. All the ceramic figures have a history, a past, a reason why they were made, that’s what makes them such a unique design piece. If you are an art lover, you can’t miss these tabletop decor trends, and we have more. One of the most important things to have at home is, at least, one piece of art. Design specialists believe that it will give any home a sense of luxury and elegance. To clarify, that is exactly what we want for you and your home! To sum up our article, we would like to say this “Art is a way of recognizing oneself.”  In addition, art is always a welcoming element, so use them.


There are many ways to design your perfect outdoor space, even if you have a huge backyard or a tiny patio to work on. For that, make sure you keep an eye on the latest 2022 outdoor design trends. EARTHY TONES Bringing nature to your home. Earthy tones have been really popular in interior design projects, residential and commercial. This natural palette with neutral hues like dusty, sandy tones or light shades of blue has proven to be very versatile. Warmer earthy tones are the biggest color trend in 2022. Terracotta is the color of choice for the indoors and outdoors designs so take it as an inspiration and add red, orange, golden, and other earthy tones to your furniture. INDOOR-OUTDOOR SPACES Distinguish between indoor and outdoor areas. This is another big trend for 2022. Creating a feeling of continuity by blending the indoor and outdoor of the home. Outdoor furniture has been competing with modern furniture usually used indoors in recent years, rather than what we used to call “outdoor furniture”. Thanks to vegan and eco-friendly materials, and multifunctional furniture, designing an outdoor area that feels like an additional room in the house became easier. If you want to maximize your outdoors, create communal areas under a patio covering and add rugs, ceramics, candles, and decorative lighting to create an outdoor living room or dining room that feels like an indoors. OUTDOOR DESIGN TOP TRENDS 2022 WELLNESS AREA Thanks to the pandemic, homes became a place where people spend most of their time. For this reason, it is important to have a communal area where you can welcome family and friends as much as a private space for exercising or meditating. The outdoor design trend brings something that interior designers have been doing indoors to the outdoors. OUTDOOR DINING AREA An open-air dining room is a dream for everyone who wants to spend some quality time with their family and friends during summertime. Consider the sensation of a summer breeze while drinking a glass of white wine and eating fresh fruit. The best memories are most likely to happen in the outdoor dining room. This outdoor design trend is all about functionality and comfort. Design an outside area under a patio cover or natural shade, choosing a material like concrete, travertine, and faux leather, paying attention to the light design and an extra seating area. These are some tips to master an outdoor dining room design. OUTDOOR KITCHEN For people that have a passion for cooking, an outdoor kitchen is a mandatory element in the house. There´s no better way to spend a summer evening than eating a delicious meal while watching the sunset. It could be fully furnished, a simple BBG grill, or a fire pit for toasting corn or melting marshmallows. If you are serious about following this 2022 outdoor design trend, keep in mind that storage, shelves, as well as versatile countertop where you can cook and eat right immediately, are essential features for an outdoor kitchen MEANINGFUL GARDENS Another outdoor design trend for 2022 is meaningful gardening. Natural material, earthy colors, multifunction furniture and indoor-outdoor areas, It´s all about utility when it comes to outdoor design. As a result, gardens are both attractive and useful places. Meaningful gardens are a responsible and eco-friendly trend with intention of being harvested later, such as fragrant herbs and vegetables. OUTDOOR DESIGN TOP TRENDS 2022 OUTDOOR LIVING ROOMS It takes as much attention and creativity to build an outdoor living room as it does to design an interior living room. Choose a location, a layout and consider the material for a good outdoor living room design. An outdoor living room must fulfill different purposes. Consider creating a room where you can snooze and have conversations all night. For that reason, cozy outdoor furniture is mandatory, as is a temperature regulator, like parasols and fire pits and weather-resistant finishes. BOHO DESIGN STYLE Bohemian interior design is possibly the most important interior design style for an outdoor design project 2022. With is strong angles, colorful patterns, and saturated hues. Even while this vivid and soulful interior design style is popular, an outdoor design project does not have to follow the rules. Rather, include some bohemian elements. Add cushions, hairy carpets, elegant furniture, bright decorative objects, and a campfire to bring everything together. Credits: Hommés Studio

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