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Influential, innovative, and exquisite, ACH is reinventing a wholly modern approach to Home decoration. Luxurious, contemporary, and curated – The ex-libris of handmade products following traditions yet, very trendy.

ACH advisors are committed to excellent customer service all year round. No matter what, your advisor will contact you with an order confirmation email followed by shipping and lead time confirmation. We’ll answer any questions within 1 working day.

Worldwide shipping cost is included, and the orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Contact our attentive customer service by phone or email for more information.



ACH, a signature brand by HOMMÉS Studio, designs a line of luxury objects, expresses lifestyle throughout your home.

Decorative pieces that carry cultures, stories, and artistic vibes showing off personality in your special room.

A series of spontaneous and extraordinary collections, from decor to homeware, continually seeking new experiences in design with the philosophy of turn a home into your unique space.

Potteries, fragrances, pets, and outstanding furnishings are some of the luxury decorative items that you can expect to assist diverse lifestyles.

Consistently well-finished objects with attention to details, capable of awakening emotions, collecting memories, telling a story.

Also available a Pet collection meeting a beautiful selection of objects, full of praise and love, matching the lifestyle that our animals deserve!

ACH intends to be your affair of collecting memories and emotions, driving your spirit into an exquisite experience of living, by your home.



ACH Collection by Imagens HOMMES
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