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Ideal Bed Style – Shawn Henderson Explains Everything

The ideal bed style exists and the interior designer Shawn Henderson will explain everything. He will show you how, with Ralph Lauren Home’s Heritage Icons bedding collection. The ideal bed style can be a real thing and Shawn Henderson will tell you, because he believes that this is an important step. There are studies who say that we spent a third of our lives in bed, so we have to think about that when we are taking care of our bedroom. Henderson says that “… it’s important to create a curated, comfortable space that you can feel good in.” RALPH LAUREN Bedding Collection In order to achieve the right balance between style and comfort, Shawn reached for Ralph Lauren Home’s Heritage Icons bedding collection. This collection has specific details that are quite important, it is made with an ultrasoft organic cotton. Besides that, this bedding collection has an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Which means that you can lay down and rest knowing that the sheets you are using look good, but also do good. Every single set of Ralph Lauren Home’s Heritage Icons is both chic and discreet. If you want to have the dream worthy bed, Shawn says that “I would recommend that people have a little bit of dimensionality to their beds,”; “It can be as easy as having some decorative pillows that are leaning against the headboard.”  “He begins with a neutral base, swatching the pillowcases, top sheet and fitted sheet in Ralph Lauren Home’s Tattersall print. Then he juxtaposed the Tattersall foundation with a menswear duvet and matching shams” “I like to use very lightweight [materials],” Henderson says, “specifically, a lightweight cotton quilt. And I always fold it back with the top sheet folded down on top of that.” So this is the ideal bed style, according to Shawn! Credits to: ELLE Decor

Artwork Pieces That Will Bright Up Your Home This Year

Artwork Pieces always give a certain richness to home decor. One thing about them is that they adapt to every style that you choose to have at your place. In this article, we will find out the best Artwork Pieces to decorate your home. You will feel inspired by them, we can guarantee you because that’s what these pieces do best. Pictured here we can see a hall entrance in a London home that was designed by Rafael de Cárdenas, so we can only expect good things. For example, the red sculpture of this room belongs to Anselm Reyle, and it is the centerpiece of this entryway. We are in love with this sculpture from this Florida Residence. It is such a curious piece near the breakfast area, that becomes the queen. This amazing piece belongs to the collector Becky Mayer. This is the entrance hall of a New York family home and it too many Artwork Pieces that we’re going to talk about. First, it was conceived to be a sculpture garden by Eran Chen of ODA-Architecture. Then we can see a porcelain sinflower seeds installation by the one and only Ai Weiwei. We can also see a keenling steel piece by Jaime Plensa, and last, but not least, a bronze sculpture that was made by Masayuki Nagare. SCULPTURAL UNIQUE PIECES This dining are belongs to the Chara Schreyer’s Los Angeles home and features amazing pieces of art. Here, we can see an amazing painting, by Andy Warhol Rorschach and on the other side there is a hanging sculpture by Ruth Asawa. All in order to continue our Artpieces article, and now we are at the fashion designer Jackie Rogers’s New York home. In the picture we can see her dog Lilli, but also an outstanding Roy Lichtenstein sculpture, near the fire place. In this picture we can see two main pieces of art, the first one (left), we can see an incredible sculpture by KAWS, and on the right there is a paiting by Zheng Fanzhi. This townhouse had the hand of the interior designer, François Catroux. Credits to: Architectural Digest

Lunar New Year 2022 – Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Feng-Shui Items

Lunar New Year 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger, so you can count on good fortune and prosperity to your home. On the first day of February, billions of people around the world will celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022, the year of the Tiger. This celebration is the start of spring and, more importantly, a fresh new start for all those who want to say goodbye to a less good and misfortune past year.  Year of the Tiger The lunar calendar has twelve animals, and 2022 marks the Year of the Tiger. This particular animal is strong and fearsome, which means that the year will be an exceedingly affluent one, where aspirations are quite high and the main objectives are within reach. In Asia, you will find red decorations in all the houses and couplets that will keep evil spirits from entering. Feng-Shui Items Round Pieces Any product that has a round or circular form is considered good luck for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Apples, oranges, and round fish balls are the most popular ingredients to put in the bowl, during the holiday. Gold for Wealth Both red and gold are the main colors to celebrate this Lunar New Year! Because they symbolize prosperity and good fortune. One of the most important activities during this particular holiday is collecting red envelopes filled with money (hóngbāo). All Red As we said before, the color red means good luck. There is a legend that says that the Chinese New Year beast, Nian, is afraid of the color red, so, red decorations around the house won’t let the monster get it. Hot Pot for Unity A huge celebration needs a good meal, with family and friends all together around the table. One of the most important dishes is the hot pot, a bubbling cauldron akin to a fondue. This particular meal is the representation of togetherness and unity. Fresh New Starts In order to celebrate Lunar New Year 2022, parents buy brand new clothes for their children, and this is a tradition. So it means that continues even when the kids are older. Anything with the color red is considered good luck and will bring good fortune in the upcoming year. New Life and Prosperity The orange perfume provides good luck and health, so it’s very common to see candles and diffusers with this scent. The orange-scented diffuser offers a fresh scent to your Lunar New Year–approved home.  Daffodills for Good Wealth Daffodils are the most popular flowers in this Lunar New Year 2022. They symbolize gold (money) and wealth for the household, so it’s always a good option to have them in a red vase. Keep Your Luck Indoors Choose the right cleaning robot. “According to the Chinese Tradition, spring cleaning should be done before the first day of the year, but more importantly, no sweeping or cleaning should be done within the first three days of the new year.” Scented Perfume Lunar New Year 2022, everyone is ready to receive you and ACH Collection has a surprise HERE! 新年快樂! Happy New Year!

Interior Design Secrets from Talented Stylists

Interior Design Secrets from Architectural Digest Stylists. Get to know the design tips they have for you, in order to improve your home. Artichokes (or Pile Lemons) We begin our Interior Design Secrets with Artichokes and they are beautiful. According to Ten Have, they are “… sculptural, and their texture is so elegant. Or I’ll do a bowl of lemons and limes for a bright pop of color—but I go big. I’ll get a big box of them,”. Choose the Right Color Palette Ten Have also said, regarding the right color palette, that “…colors should operate on the same wavelength: warm colors, cool colors, dusty colors,”. Include Plants “You can’t underestimate how important it is to have flowers or something living in space. Just go and get some branches from right outside your door, or find something that’s living that’s of the landscape,”. Bring the outdoor design to the indoor space, you won’t regret it! Space Lived-In When you decor a specific space, you have to make sure that it has your total influence, that it is made by and for you. Mix Colors and Textures “It’s always so beautiful to have vignettes with different values, whether that’s color, shape, or height, but there has to be another value that unites them, like texture or color,” says Ten Have. Get to know your “Anchovy” “Find that strange, offbeat, bizarre thing that you can add to your tableau. I often come back to a saying the designer Thomas Jayne once shared with me: ‘It’s like adding an anchovy to a room.’ For example, I collect bird nests near my home and put them on bookshelves,” explains Ten Have. Don’t forget that strange it’s different, and different is good. Break It Up Flower decor in order to break it up into different pieces, all on the dining table. What Your Space Demands? It’s all about creating a unique sense of yin and yang, a balance between contemporary and traditional, for example. Sometimes, you only have to “… visually try to bring order to chaos, or sometimes bring a bit of chaos to too much order.”. Shadow Play It’s quite easy to transform a room, and how you can do that? With light and the way you use that same light. Find Balance Regarding your home and some more interior design secrets, try always to find balance. A place where you can have both light and dark. Credits to: Architectural Digest

Renovation Trends That You May Want to Apply to Your Home in 2022

Renovation Trends for 2022 according to design experts! Get to know the ten you will want to adapt to your own place. 1. Durable Surfaces Our list of Renovation Trends for this year for 2022 begins with durable surfaces. According to Gerri Chmiel “As homeowners continue to get savvier about the maintenance required for many popular countertop options, we’re seeing a rise in demand for acrylic solid surfaces. They are seamless and offer durability with no additional maintenance. Yet don’t compromise on sleek, beautiful design.” Gerri is the residential design lead at Formica Corporation. 2. Contact with Nature Christine Marvin says that people are increasing the natural light in their homes. By doing that, they are connecting even more with nature and what surrounds them. These are some ways of doing that “by adding doors where there were once windows or adding larger windows. That way, you will have a greater sense of connection to outside.” 3. Green, Green All Around Beth Diana Smith, founder of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design agrees that “greens will be a huge factor in home renovations in 2022. People want their homes to feel fresh but still comforting, and green is the perfect color to create that feeling!”. Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design, adds Most recently, herb fridges have become a new kitchen appliance feature that is not only full of function but also stylish and urban with glass fronts showcasing the greenery bringing an organic touch to the kitchen spaces.” Side-Hustle Spaces “2022 will also see the rise of the “side-hustle bedroom.” With an entrepreneurial mindset, especially for Gen Z and Millennials making everything from candles to hats, the bedroom will take on flexible layers of activity”. According to Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at WGSN Lifestyle and Interiors. Bolds is Always a Good Solution Going bold with the right renovation trends! “I think we’ll be seeing a lot more wallpaper because of the ease homeowners experience when having it installed or swapped out and the freedom it offers to show off your personality.”, says David Steckel, Thumbtack home expert. Besides, that is also Farris Wu, founder, and CEO at DecorMatters. “Popular colors we expect to see include pinks, burnt oranges, and peacock blues to represent a tropical getaway, as well as greens to mirror nature’s elements. There will be more unique color contrasts in the kitchen, between the countertops and backsplash, or the cabinets and the island. With the rise and focus on creating a home we love to stay in, people will want to bring as much life to their indoor space as possible in 2022—color is an amazing and affordable way to do so.” Technology Always Helps Technology is always by our side. Breegan Jane says that “We’re all on our phones, tablets, and computers more than we’d like to admit. The truth is, we don’t just use them for fun or to entertain the kids anymore. We use our devices for work, for school, video conferencing, and even to make our homes smarter.”. She is an interior designer and Legrand brand ambassador. Texture? Always! Texture may be the biggest of our renovation trends for 2022. Peti Lau, a very known name in the interior design world, says that “Textured fabrics are here to stay: Textured fabrics are here to stay. Cream bouclé was huge in 2021, and you see cream textured upholstery everywhere! Different colorways, such as sage greens, pale yellows, pale grays, and blues will be seen in 2022. Texture adds a feeling of warmth to the home, and we tend to gravitate towards tactile and soft-to-the-hand fabrics.”  Outdoor Decor “We’ve been bringing the indoors out for a while now, and one of the best ways to accomplish that from a functional perspective is to introduce shade structures like awnings. We see more people making plans for this, as outdoor renovations continue to be a priority as we approach 2022.”. Words of Kirk Fitzsimmons, director of industrial sales at Sunbrella. Mitchen Parler, senior editor at Houzz says, regarding the outdoor spaces, “In 2022, we anticipate seeing more and more photos on Houzz of outdoor living rooms that look like indoor rooms. Houzz search data has shown that people want their backyards to be relaxing extensions of their interior living spaces. Home Office “There will be an increase in home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces.”, Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten. Then, Farris Wu adds “We are all becoming more aware of how the layout and aesthetics of a room can affect our energy and productivity. Transforming a current room into your new home office space is not just a fun project. It is a necessity for many people who work remotely. People will spend more time and effort in designing a unique working space. In order to maximize their concentration, motivation, and productivity this year.” Credits to: Architectural Digest

Top 10 Maximalist Home Decor Items for 2022

Maximalist Home Decor requires bold and classy interior design pieces that we are about to show you! ACH Collection reunites all the statement pieces you need to decor your home in 2022. Maximalism is a modern trend and we have seen this style over the centuries because wealthy people have always adopted this style in their homes. Why? To show how rich they were. They began using animal specimens, and then they began to use artwork, in order to show what they had. At Home – Decor Pieces Trays Elephant Tray begins this amazing list of ten maximalist home decor items you may have in your home. These ceramic trays symbolize the Elephant as an artist and it is a reminder of the Shadow Play. Maximalism is very popular right now, mainly among younger generations. The Millenials love this style because they can be bold, they use plants, use artwork, but also they are able to use color the way they want. According to Dawn Cook (co-owner of BLDC Design), “Maximalism became a way to define an eclectic home with a chaotic array of colors, prints, objects, and textures in a single space.”  Then, enters Picasso Tray which is already a statement piece where design and art combine perfectly. The name says it all, inspired by one of the most talented artists of all time, this refined decor item will make a difference at your home. Figurines But also, Bold God is an important part of the Superego Gods Collection. With him, your inner spirit will be revealed. This God has personality and energy and that is exactly what he will bring to your place. Handmade by hand with black and white stripe pattern. All of these Maximalist pieces have the main characteristics of this style, for example, they have color, they are bold, they induce happiness, they are different. They express joy because that is exactly what they will bring to you and your home. That is why Boxer Figurine Decor needed to be included in our list of maximalist home decor items. He truly is is an artistic and curated decor piece, that can be used in every room of your house. Shadow God is also included in the Superego Gods Collection because he is an example of how design can empower us. This one will make you shine, even in the darkest times. Maximalism Style is not for everybody, and it’s one of the hardest design trends to achieve, Cook says. Most of the time you’ll need an expert to help you choose the right elements. Cushions In order to continue, there is the part where talk about Cushion Design and how this is so important. Cushion Decor is relevant because it will add class, personality, and elegance to your living room or your bedroom. Circus can manage that job very well! The main goal of maximalist design is to be bold, in colors, in textures, in patterns, but never forget the layers. Because they will create balance, not chaos. Iron Tiger sets the tone in any living room style because it is a modern cushion with a botanical and exotic feeling. That is the reason why this is a must-have at home. Zadine Cushion is a soft cushion, ideal for modern spaces. The black and white shades make Zadine one of the most wanted cushions to have at home. Lighting Pieces ACH Collection has it all, including the most artistic and beautiful lighting design. Avocado Table Lamp summarises the Pop Art concept with its unique design. When we talk about maximalism, we should always be careful about the lighting we choose, because it can’t be any lighting design. This is why Avocado and Union are here because they represent what true maximalist lighting is. Union Table Lamp ends our list of Maximalist Home Decor items, and he is a match of personality for all design and art lovers. An incredible option to have in your bedroom or living room. You may also use him in a reading corner at your place! Don’t you ever feel afraid of using this style at your home, because if you feel that is the right one for you, the only choice is to go after what you love.

Multi-Functioning Room – The Main Secrets to Have One

Multi-functioning room and all the secrets to have one! We help you with some design ideas for this to happen! According with the interior designer Jennifer Ward-Woods, “With COVID, families are all gathering in one place, trying to watch TV or do work at the same time,”. At this moment, “There is a real need for multi-purpose spaces.”. 2,3,4 Layers of Lighting When redesigning a room, light installations are like an embellishment. They are set within the space after the major pieces are already in order. Barbara Elliot, interior designer, says that, multi-functioning rooms need every type of lighting. Why? Because they are going to be used for different purposes. Storage Everywhere Adequate capacity is one major key to guaranteeing that a multi-purpose room doesn’t see like a catchall for family variety. The first option could be cabinets or shelves, because they can be customised to fit the computer or the video-game consoles. Flexible Furniture Satisfactory capacity is one major key to ensuring that a multi-purpose room doesn’t appear like a catchall. For the domestic office-guest room combo, Elliott and Ward-Woods turn to divider beds and sleeper couches. The previous can vanish completely when not in use. On the other hand, the last mentioned capacities as additional seating within the office when visitors aren’t in town. Create Different Zones If the room has space, you can have different areas for different activities. According with Barbara Elliott, “We normally start with the biggest wall, and from there, plan the best way to lay out the furniture,”. “If there is an architectural element or focal point built in, like a fireplace or large windows, we’ll build around that.” First, you can begin with the largest zone, then you move to the smaller ones around it. Set Up Your Uses Last, but not least, decide how you are going to use your space, work, play, a family room. After that, you start the work and make the best out of it. Transform your room into multi-functioning space! Credits to: Elle Decor

Apartment Decor Inspiration – How to Make it Look Bigger Part II

Apartment Decor Inspiration, part II! Where we can show you some design ideas to look a little bit bigger that he is. If you want to read part I, you can find the article here. Enjoy the Outside Space If you have a balcony you need to make it special, like it’s an extension of the interior design. Simple, unique, light, these are the main characteristics of a soft exterior decor. Room Dividers are Always a Good Idea Room dividers can be a brilliant way of including the feel of more rooms without really having them. They are moreover inconceivably exquisite and can act as a captivating articulation piece. Wall Decoration – Neutral Hues This one might sound evident, but neutrals on the wall will bring light into any room and give the sense of space, even when there’s not much. The Right Furniture Instead of going straight to the floor, you need your furniture to be lean. Meaning choosing stools with more slender legs and directing clear of bulky couches with covered up legs. Curtains Style In order to have a Apartment Decor Inspiration, you need to be sure that you use curtains, but most of all, that they reach the floor. That way, it will give the illusion of length. Besides that, it will be wise to use more neutral and natural fabrics. Window Covers In a perfect world, use subtle blinds or screens, don’t select overwhelming shades because they will close off the space. Unpretentious blinds or shades will let in light without compromising the space.

Apartment Decor Inspiration – How to Make it Look Bigger

Apartment Decor Inspiration, how to make it look a little bit bigger that what he is. We give you some ideas in order to do that! Stay with us and keep on reading! Glass Decor Coffee tables or dining tables are an incredible way to consolidate glass into a room, which immediately liberates up space. You may elect a unique table with a touch of glass to immediately create some space. Furniture Need to be Away From the Walls Move out furniture from the borders of the room will deliver the whole space a facelift. Be that as it may, this trick is most compelling when your furniture is smaller than it would have to be pushed against a wall. As an example you can select a two-seater lounge chair rather than a two-and-a-half-seater seat, because when pulled away from the wall, it’ll look more proportioned. Artwork All Over the Wall A trap of the eye, mounting expansive works of art on littler walls can make them see greater. If you prefer, you could incline toward to hang parcels of work of art, scramble it throughout the house rather than lumping it all on one divider. It’ll keep things feeling new and open.  Nooks or Entryways Unused space could be a total no in an loft. Utilize any hallways or niches by including something within the wall hanging. Here you can use simply a piece of furniture or a painting. By doing that, it will create a unique feeling of more interior zones. Mirror Are Always a Good Idea Our Apartment Decor Inspiration continue with what? Mirrors! Mirrors have the ability to create instant space in a home, because it will make it bigger. Place them everywhere if you want it! Bookcases? Or Shelves? Bookcases are bulky and include pointless space. In case you can utilize floating shelves. They are an elegant way to show books and adornments. If you cannot hang on the walls, go for bookcases with lean edges or metal outlines, so they mix in as much as conceivable with the surrrounds. 

Healthier Home – Get To Know Four Innovative Ways

Healthier Home is something that we all must want, because it is good for us too. So, we’re going to present four ways in order to achieve it. Get the Lights ON Insufficient lighting doesn’t fair make it harder to see things in your house; it can trigger physical and mental wellbeing issues, counting eye strain, cerebral pains, weakness, stretch, and uneasiness. Private lighting has gotten to be much more intelligent in recent years, to the point where it can be modified to imitate the revolution of the sun. Creators call it circadian lighting, after the circadian rhythms of our 24-hour inner clock. This is just an idea, then you can adapt to your place! Your Comfort First The consolation and ergonomics of our homes (or lack thereof) is another zone that’s is beneath a magnifying lens during the pandemic. Whereas numerous individuals have returned to working in an office full time, others are still in flux or indeed in a for all time adaptable circumstance. In case you will be at domestic indeed fair a day or two a week, it makes sense to contribute in a workstation. Aside from your work area, which might appear just like the most self-evident put to incorporate ergonomics, your entire living space can advantage from many changes. Bring the Outdoors In, Please Increasingly interior designers are grasping it in a enormous way. With components like lighting, craftsmanship, and the utilize of normal materials. Not only in furniture, but also in flooring. Whether you’re considering a major remodel or essentially reviving your space with a couple of unused pieces, one of the finest ways to cultivate a association with nature is to obscure the line between the inside and out. Always Clear the Air One of the most important things at home is the quality of the air, even more with the pandemics. What you have to do is simple, for example you can vacuum once a week. You can also use candles and wood-burning fireplace in order to help you. These where some ideas for a Healthier Home! We hope you liked it, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more! Credits to: Elle Decor

Furniture Design Trends for 2022 – According with High Point Market

Furniture Design Trends for 2022 combine a series of decor ideas you’ll want to adopt for your home. Stay with and find out everything. Fluted Repeats The most simple weave structures, the basketweave’s uniform twist and weft will lead to a family beat. It’s the case especially when employing a wide fabric, where the over-under beat produces a luxuriously material surface. Pleats, If You May Curated Kravet, a very well known market, has began with a “I Create” custom lampshade program, where designers could create their own personalised lamps. Besides that, they also get to choose all the materials they want! Around Round Tables Goodbye to the calm breakfast nook—this season’s circular table bases have ended up a clear canvas for making a sensational moment. Sprawling Scenics For those motivated by the past, documented libraries and historical centers are the play areas of choice. This is a good example of that, because when you bring the old your home will have unique style. Besides that, adds elegance and class! Arches Making Their Way Showing up all over from Roman engineering to Spanish villas, Craftsmanship Deco plans, and numerous design movements in between, the contoured device has become less structural and more of a enriching theme through times. For example, the Magmus credenza by Milling Road Originals for Baker. To conclude, these were the Furniture Design Trends for 2022, we hope that you liked our article. Now, its time for a few changes at home, if that’s what you desire! Credits to: Architectural Digest

Modern Living Room – Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home

Modern Living Room is nothing without the perfect sofa. That is what we’re going to talk about today, the best couch ideas to complete your living room decor. Yellow Tones First, we begin with some Middle East vibe, where colors make all the difference at home. They are used to colourful sofa designs, warm colors in the walls and decor. That is the message we want to pass out to you, colors such as yellow or red, or even orange a good choice for a Modern Living Room. Gucci-Style Sofa This entire living room is a reminder of Gucci-Style. It is an explosion of colors and materials, but also the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary. The velvet sofa will provide comfort and he is without a doubt the center piece of this room. Mid-Century Elegance Hommés Studio has all the interior design details in order to provide you the best living room decor, including the sofas. This mid-century interior displays wisely blend vibrant colors with a neutral pallette, that connect the space with emotions. Comfort Sky Blue This sky blue living room is a demonstration of comfort and warmth. That unique place where you’ll find peace, freedom and freshness. So, as you can see, a sky blue sofa is very good choice! Maximalist Design Maximalist Design is bold and daring, It is also a very good option for a modern living room. It is an extravagant solution for an extravagant mind. Bold Colors Jean Porshe is the interior designer of this outstanding living room that has joy and dynamic. This is a fantastic mixture of modernism and baroque pieces. This great choice of bold colors for the lounges create an intriguing space welcoming guests with energy and harmony. Royal Green Detail Green details will bring a forest vibe to your living room! It is a very unique connection between green details, patterns and textures. A pastel green sofa perfectly complements the set, while a shiny luxurious sideboard add glamorous touch to the interior. Mix Chic and Elegant Kelly Wearstler is the responsible for this decoration and we are in love. Kelly is never afraid of combining different colors and different patterns because she knows it will work. Memphis Design Memphis interior design in a modern living room is a good choice, we can guarantee you that. Once again, bold colors and exquisite patterns make all the difference. If you’re looking for a true revolution in your living room, this is the way to go! Ocean Blue Decor Blue for the living room, here is the result! When blue reigns you can only feel peace and relaxation. This were our Modern Living Room ideas for you, we hope that you now feel inspired for a change at home!

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