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Furniture Design Trends for 2022 – According with High Point Market

Furniture Design Trends for 2022 combine a series of decor ideas you’ll want to adopt for your home. Stay with and find out everything.

Fluted Repeats

Furniture Design Trends
Lakedwood Bench by Arteriors

The most simple weave structures, the basketweave’s uniform twist and weft will lead to a family beat. It’s the case especially when employing a wide fabric, where the over-under beat produces a luxuriously material surface.

gods ceramics figurines decor for modern home decoration

Modulum Panel Nighstand by Bernhardt

Pleats, If You May

Eclipse Table Lamp, ACH Collection

Furniture Design Trends
Curated Kravet Custom Lampshades

Curated Kravet, a very well known market, has began with a “I Create” custom lampshade program, where designers could create their own personalised lamps. Besides that, they also get to choose all the materials they want!

Union Table Lamp, ACH Collection

Around Round Tables

Lunarys Center Table, Hommés Studio

Furniture Design Trends
Colosseum Dining Table, Milling Road Originals for Baker

Goodbye to the calm breakfast nook—this season’s circular table bases have ended up a clear canvas for making a sensational moment.

Métis Dining Table, Hommés Studio

Sprawling Scenics

Furniture Design Trends
Tennessee Landscape Pillow, Met & Ann Gish

For those motivated by the past, documented libraries and historical centers are the play areas of choice. This is a good example of that, because when you bring the old your home will have unique style. Besides that, adds elegance and class!

Regency Views Mural, Paul Montgomery

Arches Making Their Way

Furniture Design Trends

Showing up all over from Roman engineering to Spanish villas, Craftsmanship Deco plans, and numerous design movements in between, the contoured device has become less structural and more of a enriching theme through times. For example, the Magmus credenza by Milling Road Originals for Baker.

Furniture Design Trends
Rumba Console Table, Hommés Studio

To conclude, these were the Furniture Design Trends for 2022, we hope that you liked our article. Now, its time for a few changes at home, if that’s what you desire!

Credits to: Architectural Digest

holiday season home decoration for modern christmas home

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