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What’s Your Zodiac Object For 2021

Leo would prefer to live in a palace furnished with splendor and luxury, and a lone Virgo would be satisfied with a functional and minimalist one-room flat. Our house is our kingdom, so it is good to arrange it according to our needs and décor with zodiac object selection. 

Sometimes we can easily find out, that our choices are influenced by the stars, and our houses can be furnished and designed accordingly to our zodiac signs. If you need some inspiration but don’t know where to start, maybe it’s time to look up to the stars for some answers? Hommes Studio and Ach Collection prepared a special zodiac object selection, that can be a perfect gift guide!


Element: Earth

Ruling body: Saturn

Capricorns always seek perfection and are very organized, so they wouldn’t be happy in any maximalist interiors with a lot of souvenirs, art pieces and bold colors. They are usually quite serious, so we could expect them to choose home décor that will be very functional and comfortable. Large, soft armchairs, fine china or big, cozy sofas are their definite zodiac objects. Capricorns would rather choose one elegant object to admire, than go with a lot of accessories that would simply annoy them. 

Jaime Hayon ironic collection translates into a series of colorful characters talking through their funny expressions. Geopable vase would be a perfect zodiac object for Capricorns, as it can be one extravagant decoration for a calm and harmonious interior.

Hommes Studio Minelli Chandelier reflects an irreverent modern design style, that will attract Capricorns with its elegance. It combines a premium selection of materials, so it’s a perfect object that will make a statement while not overwhelming the space. 


Element: Air

Ruling body: Uranus

People born at the turn of January and February are eccentric by nature, original and value their independence. They are known for being quirky, so it will be reflected in their homes. Aquarius will always go with modern materials like glass and steel, and they love to design using wood. Bohemian interior design style will be perfect for them, as they prefer to go with hues like blue, indigo and salmon, as well as with real plants and rattan accessories and furniture. 

Bossa Center Table is a hymn to the simplicity of 70s furniture items. The decade where lines were rigorous and where sophisticated finishes used to take the center stage in interior design projects. Hommés Studio brings it back with a modern and sophisticated style.

This deco-inspired geometric rug by Jonathan Adler will be a perfect complement for Aquarius’ living room or bedroom design. Its luminous, silvery-blue palette plays perfectly in a traditional or modern interior.


Element: Water

Ruling body: Neptune

Pisces are very sensitive, have a developed intuition and imagination. People from this zodiac sign are sometimes prone to loneliness, so they associate home with a place where they can stay with their thoughts alone. They like to keep their home as calm and relaxed as possible, their home is usually a sanctuary of aromas, muted and earthy shades and simple designs. Pisces will feel good in transitional interiors, swaying between traditional and modern.

A prominent feature of the Eames House by Charles and Ray Eames was a wooden whale measuring over two meters in length. Its smaller reproduction, the hand-painted Eames House Whale by Vitra, is crafted from alder wood. This artsy piece will add an eccentric touch to the interior while keeping it calm and in harmony with nature. 

ACHI diffuser releases a hypnotic perfume adding extra value to a space thanks to its eye-catching container design. It’s natural composition of scents that promises to excite sensorial experiences through your Home.

New Book 2020/2021


Element: Fire

Ruling body: Mars

As the fire is their element, Aries are very energetic and active. They feel good in vibrant interiors kept in orange, yellow and red hues, but it’s best to combine those with some bright colors, like beiges and blues, that will calm their energy down. Fiery Aries tend to be impulsive, so they might change things around their house often. They are keen on keeping up with the newest trends, that allows them to change the space entirely whenever they feel like. 

A moody floral jacquard upholstery defines this four-legged stool, trimmed with pink moiré, black fringe and painted beechwood. This stool from Gucci corresponds with the newest trends and will look good in different types of interiors, so it will allow Aries for changes when needed.

Piano rug from Hommes evokes a powerful combination of colors and shapes that collide in the same dimension. This abstract design is a bold choice as an Aries’ zodiac object, that will add some fiery feeling to the interior.


Element: Earth

Ruling body: Venus

Taurus love to be near Nature and they need to surround themselves with beautiful objects that bring them comfort and harmony. They love classical interiors with elegant furniture pieces, and they usually choose hues of beige, soft pink, copper, gold and any earthy tones. Taurus have a need of showing off, so everything around them needs to create the ‘wow’ factor. Quality and luxury is very important for them, so in their homes we can expect silks, velvets and cosy cashmere.

Ox Decor Box is a stunning piece, handcrafted in a round-shaped silhouette of ceramic. Also, in the jewelry box lid, we can see a stunning hand-painted red ox figurine. This luxury black and red decor’s purpose is to embellish your home decoration with its elegant gold details. 

Mammuthus is a round center table that features a polished black marble resulting in an eye-catching design style. A remarkable statement of design and style in this contemporary center table perfect to be placed in any modern living room. This masterfully handcrafted piece boasts a unique design and marble horn feet.


Element: Air

Ruling body: Mercury

Geminis are communicative, creative and curious about the world. They are quite restless and quickly bored, so they find themselves best in eclectic interiors, surrounded by unique accessories that will allow for many different arrangements. Geminis are very open-minded and sociable, so it is worth taking care of a place where they will be able to receive a large number of guests. Their houses serve as an exhibition of their lives, full of souvenirs, photos and interesting objects, and very often each room is decorated in a different style.

Perro’s figurine decor is a luxury set of two decorative figurines inspired by the vintage ceramic dogs. With a modern vibe, this set of two dog’s sculptures are handmade and painted by skillful artisans. It’s a sensational combination of details, tones, and cultures, making this set a timeless piece.

Checking the time will never be the same with Moooi Altdeutsche Clock, a playful interpretation of old Frankish furniture holding all its beauty and atmosphere. This eclectic clock will adorn the interior of every Gemini that is passionate about fine art and luxury living.


Element: Water

Ruling body: Moon

Cancers are the biggest householders of the zodiac! They are very sensitive, delicate and caring people, who like family gatherings, appreciate the peace and security that their loved ones provide. The Cancers’ house is a refuge of peace and a place where they can feel comfortable, so they often choose a rustic or classic interior design style, in a neutral colour palette. The most important place in the whole house is the kitchen, so it is worth making sure that it is both stylish, comfortable and functional, preferably with a seat. Cancer love to collect family photos and souvenirs that decorate all rooms. 

This rustic recycled wood round dining table provides a modern industrial design for any modern dining room project. This design features a deep rustic recycled wood table top supported by a solid iron structure. It’s a perfect piece for any rustic interior design project. 

Another extravagant vase by Jaime Hayon, that will make a statement in any interior and will resemble some of the Cancers’ features. 


Element: Fire

Ruling body: Sun

If they could choose, Leos would probably live in a palace filled with sophisticated luxury objects. They like to impress people around them, so their homes are filled with bold textures and loud colors, that reflect their souls. Leos are self-confident and have a sense of humor. They are the souls of the group and as they are royal signs, they appreciate comfort and luxury. Their interiors should delight them and their friends. Don’t forget to pay them compliments about their house décor! 

The rectangular pillow in plush velvet is embroidered with the Angry Cat—a motif found throughout the ready-to-wear and accessories collections by Gucci—flanked by cluster of flowers. It’s a luxury pillow that will represent the ‘loud’ personality of every Leo. 

Cleine Console Table embodies the meaning of “art for interiors”. It’s a luxury furniture piece that was specially developed for art and design lovers. The console’s cubic shapes defy the laws of physics and provide a staggering identity to any hallway project.


Element: Earth

Ruling body: Mercury

Virgos are very practical, serious and independent people who like to keep everything in order. They love to plan their daily tasks and their houses need to be clean and practical. The ideal interior for Virgo is functional, comfortable and well-designed – trends are only second to none. Perfectionism is definitely their main feature, and their houses are usually modern, minimalistic and Zen-like. Virgos keep their color palette neutral, they love to surround themselves with earthy tones and pastel hues. 

Nika Zupanc Sunset Mirror is a luxury mirror with two feathers that would be a perfect choice for Virgos interiors.

Metis Pedestal Table is the perfect zodiac object for a minimalistic luxury hall. This table expresses a new way of seeing furniture items honoring the inspiring classic sculptures. The attention to detail can be observed at each angle of the piece.


Element: Air

Ruling body: Venus

As the ruling body for Libras is Venus, they like harmony and are fond of expensive, material things. They will surround themselves with stylish and glamourous objects and they will often go with symmetrical décor choices. Libras’ home will be a temple of good style and luxurious zodiac objects well-balanced together in a preferably minimalistic manner, to keep the good balance of the space.

Quantic Console Table is an enigmatic piece. It’s a futuristic console table that defies the laws of physics and impresses with its aesthetic balance. It’s a marble furniture piece perfect as Libras’ zodiac object.

Cocoon Floor Lamp was inspired by the shapes of Art Deco jewels. It was designed to bring elegance and character to any living area. It’s a luxury Libras’ zodiac object for a high-end interior design project.


Element: Water

Ruling body: Pluto

Scorpios are energetic and very dominant, being the most mysterious of all zodiac signs. They strive for self-improvement and their home is their creative refuge. The ruling Scorpios will like the bold colours of the walls and furniture made of noble wood, natural leather and expensive fabrics. They are attentive to details and will find beauty in pieces, that most people wouldn’t even look at. Scorpios tend to choose industrial style for their interiors, with crimson, black and orange elements and avant-garde zodiac object selection.

Volare Daybed is a luxury daybed, featuring an ergonomic shape and exquisite details. It will provide the accent piece to a modern master bedroom or luxurious living room project.

Inspired by a giant bubblegum bubble, this curvaceous and highly chic sofa by Patricia Bustos has a rogue touch to it. Manufactured out of fiber and wood and upholstered in a metalized, stretch fabric, this shiny piece of furniture will be an amazing zodiac object for any Scorpio.


Element: Fire

Ruling body: Jupiter

Sagittarius love to travel and if they could, they would definitely took something from every place they’ve ever visited and displayed it in their houses. Thus, their homes are filled with extraordinary objects and unique patterns, varying from jungle vibes to winter wonderland. They love outdoor, so don’t be surprised to see a little jungle in their houses. 

Hélios Decor Box is a ceramic box with a lid to protect your jewelry and personal accessories. An art zodiac object, inspired by the ancient Greek sculptures’ shapes and ornaments like refined textures and colors. This artistic box drives your spirit into the classics’ feeling of Art. 

The Swing Chair is a handbag-inspired design of two large, leather-covered metallic handles, holding up a welcoming woven mesh. A project of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection, this chair is a perfect choice for all Sagittarius that love the outdoors and everything that resembles freedom. 

Gyvaté serpertine sofa for modern house

May 11, 2022
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