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Genius Loci – An Art Exhibition within a Gio Ponti Building

Genius Loci is an art and design exhibition that is taking over a Gio Ponti building. Get to know more here!

Genius Loci
Jeremi Leon

L’Ange Volant is the project by Gio Ponti, and is in this 1927 neo-Palladian home, that this outstanding exhibition Genius Loci takes place. Here, you’ll see combined, design, art, and architecture, curated by Marion Vignal.

Genius Loci
Jeremi Leon

In this Genius Loci amazing exhibition, Marion Vidal combined all influences from Brussels, Venice, Los Angeles, Milan, and London.

Genius Loci
Jeremi Leon

This wasn’t just work by Marion Vignal, he did a collaboration with Nina Yashar. She is the founder of Nilufar Gallery. She lent design pieces from Gio Ponti, as much as Piero Fornasetti, Studio Nucleo, Sophie Dries, and Ico Parisi.

Genius Loci
Jeremi Leon

Marion Vignal as a clear vision on interior design, and balances between contemporary and vintage. In order to prove this, Genius Loci has works from different artist with different styles. For example, Maloles Antignac, Laurent Grasso, Franklin Azzi, Agnés Sébyleau, and Damian O’Sullivan.

Genius Loci
Jeremi Leon

When art, design, and architecture are hand in hand, only good things can come. This exhibition has masterpieces from different artists, and all of them are breathtaking. If you want, all is in order for yout to visit!

Jeremi Leon

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